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How can I use the different areas on the FxPro SuperTrader platform?

FxPro SuperTrader features various areas that enable you to monitor your actions and overall performance. These are the Overview Page, the Portfolio Page, the Strategies Page, and the Watchlist Page. Beneath these tabs you have access to a menu bar displaying general account information including your equity, free equity, unrealised profit and loss, realised profit and loss, fees, total profit and loss, net of fees, actual leverage, and utilised leverage.

How can I use the Overview Page?

The SuperTrader Overview Page contains information regarding your overall personal performance and the top-performing strategies.

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The Overview Page is split into four main sections as follows:

Portfolio: displays the aggregated portfolio performance, including FX Alerts and price ticker
Copied Strategies: displays your top five performing strategies
Watchlist: displays the top three items in your Watchlist
Strategies Page: displays the top three SuperTrader strategies at intraday, 7-day, 30-day, and Since Started durations.

How can I use the Portfolio Page?

Your Portfolio is split into three main sections that give you a detailed insight into your overall performance and investments.

The Overall Performance section is the main section of the Portfolio Page, displaying aggregated portfolio performance statistics that are automatically updated every minute, as well as graphs representing intraday, 7-day, 30-day and Since Started performance. Other key statistics are also displayed, such as the total allocated (i.e. the total amount of money that is currently allocated to strategies), free equity (the amount of money that is available to copy additional strategies), utilised leverage, and max drawdown (the peak-to-trough decrease in percentage terms), all of which are updated in real time.

Your Portfolio Page also gives you access to detailed information concerning copied and watched strategies, enabling you to edit copy settings, to open positions with the ability to manage and close trades, as well as to view your trade history and history statistics.

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How can I use the Strategies Page?

The Strategies Page displays a list of all available strategies that are copied or can be copied. The table displays individual aggregated performance percentages such as intraday, 30-day and Since Started performance, which are automatically updated every minute.

What do I need to know about the Strategy Details pages?

Each Strategy Details page provides real-time information on both personal performance and strategy provider performance of the strategy in question. It features performance statistics which change according to where you view the page from. For example, viewing a strategy’s Details Page from your portfolio will provide you with the strategy’s performance following the application of your own risk management controls.

Each Strategy Details Page gives you access to:
Aggregated performance graphs (intraday, 7-day, 30-day, Since Started graphs), open positions and trade history with the ability to filter results.
A description of the strategy along with the type of trading it performs and copier statistics. You have the ability to copy or add the strategy to your Watchlist.

What do the top menu bar statistics represent?

The top menu bar displays information relating to the following:

Equity: The amount of money that you have in your SuperTrader account.

Free Equity: The amount of money in your SuperTrader account that is available and can be allocated to strategies.
Unrealised P/L: The profits and losses resulting from all open positions of the strategies that you have copied.
Realised P/L: The total profits and losses from the day the account was created.

Actual Leverage: A measure of how many times the value of your equity is exceeded by your open positions.

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Utilised Leverage: A measure of how much of your permitted leverage (%) you are currently using.

How do you select the best-performing SuperTrader strategies featured on the Overview Page?

SuperTrader strategies are selected purely on performance, which is automatically updated every minute. The daily, weekly and all-time top three strategies are displayed on the Overview Page, as are the strategies with the overall highest performance percentage.

Performance percentages are calculated as follows: (current period equity – starting period equity) / starting period equity.

For example, if current period equity is $15,000 and starting period equity was $10,000, the performance percentage would be 50% [(15,000 – 10,000) / 10,000=50%].


What are strategy ratings based on?

The rating of each strategy is an average of all the scores that individual investors have given it.

How can I rate a strategy provider?

You can rate a strategy provider once you copy their strategy by giving a rating between 1-5 stars on the Strategy Details page.

Are there any informational/educational resources that I can use?

Yes. As an FxPro SuperTrader client you have access to the following resources:

Comprehensive performance statistics for your portfolio and leaders’ portfolios
FX Alerts
Price ticker
User Manuals

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