Live FxPro Spreads Comparison

FxPro clients have access to a deep liquidity pool from a variety of tier 1 providers. Our advanced execution algorithms consume this liquidity in a highly efficient manner, allowing us to pass on the very best bid and ask prices to our clients. As a result, the live forex spreads we offer are not only low, they are also among the most consistent in the industry. This is most observable during news announcements and other highly volatile periods.

How to read the live forex spreads chart

Use our chart to compare forex spreads, and find out how our rates compare to those of other brokers. The chart below is updated every five minutes and can be used to compare live forex spreads at 5-minute, 30-minute and 1-hour intervals.

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The widening of spreads observed during periods of increased volatility can be attributed to temporary illiquidity, as well as to wider spreads that brokers receive from their liquidity providers. However, at FxPro we always try to maintain our forex spreads within acceptable boundaries in order to avoid causing clients unnecessary losses.

Some brokers may use increased volatility and illiquid markets to widen spreads, making trading at these times extremely expensive. This reduces the probability of clients executing profitable trades.

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