How can I become an FxPro SuperTrader leader?

An experienced individual or company with strong trading history interested in becoming a Leader on SuperTrader should contact the FxPro Business Development Team at supertraderleader@fxpro.com to be guided through the process.

How are SuperTrader Leaders selected?

SuperTrader Leaders undergo a strict review process carried out by our Business Development team.

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Once a strategy is approved, it is monitored for consistent performance and adherence to our risk management guidelines. Any strategy that fails to meet these guidelines or to perform in a consistent way is removed from the platform.

How are SuperTrader Leaders monitored?

SuperTrader Leaders are monitored around the clock by our electronic reporting tools that flag deviations in performance and risk-taking. Our Business Development team monitors all strategies constantly and contacts the Leaders that display inconsistencies in their trading.

Strategies deemed unacceptable are suspended at once.

How can I become a SuperTrader Leader?

Experienced individuals or companies with strong trading history that are interested in becoming SuperTrader Leaders should contact the FxPro Business Development team at supertraderleader@fxpro.com.

What is the initial account balance of a strategy provider?

There is no fixed amount that determines the initial account balance of a strategy provider. However, strategy providers are urged to maintain a balance below $50,000.

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How much can a manual and mixed strategy provider deposit/withdraw?

Manual and mixed strategy providers may deposit and/or withdraw any amount at any given time, provided that it does not interfere with the set investment rules.

A strategy provider is removed from the SuperTrader platform if all funds are lost.

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