What is FxPro SuperTrader?

FxPro SuperTrader is a fully automated investment platform that allows traders to build their own portfolio of strategies and access the FX market without having to trade manually. Investors can search for the strategies that best meet their investment goals, allocate funds to them and set their own risk parameters, before they copy each strategy to their portfolio.

SuperTrader includes algorithmic strategies, manual strategies as well as a combination of both.

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How do I create a SuperTrader account and when will it be activated?

You can apply for an FxPro SuperTrader account via FxPro Direct, where you will find the relevant registration form.
If you have previously been approved by our Back Office Department, your SuperTrader account will be approved once a Limited Power of Attorney has been accepted via the online form in FxPro Direct.

New clients or existing clients that haven’t provided the relevant documentation will have to submit the necessary documents and then wait for them to be reviewed and verified before their account can be activated.

How can I access SuperTrader once my account has been created?

You can access FxPro SuperTrader by launching the SuperTrader application via the FxPro SuperTrader tab in FxPro Direct or directly from Your login credentials will be the same as your FxPro Direct details.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount for FxPro SuperTrader is $2,000 with a credit multiplier of 4. With this Credit Line*, investors can meet the capitalisation required ($10,000) without having to deposit the full amount ($2,000 deposit + $8,000 Credit Line).

Clients have the option to have their SuperTrader account in USD, EUR or GBP. Deposits should total to at least $10,000 after the use of a credit multiplier.

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Subsequent deposits have no minimum required amount.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

How many FxPro SuperTrader accounts can I have?

Each client can have up to three FxPro SuperTrader accounts per FxPro Direct profile, provided that each account is in a different currency.

SuperTrader accounts are available in USD, EUR, and GBP.

Is SuperTrader available to all FxPro clients?

FxPro SuperTrader is only available to clients of FxPro Financial Services Limited.

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