General Platform Questions

How do I change the password of my trading platform?

You can re-set the passwords of your trading platforms by logging in to your FxPro Direct ( if you are under CySEC, or if you are under FCA). Click on the account number under ‘Account(s)/Actions’, selecting the account for which you would like a new password. A drop-down menu will appear with the option to ‘Reset password(s)’, followed by a pop-up box that will ask you to confirm your request. An email will be sent to you shortly, which will contain a temporary password and instructions on how to change this password to one of your own choice via the trading platform.

What are the most notable differences between the FxPro MT4, FxPro MT5, and FxPro cTrader platforms?

On our FxPro MT4 platform we offer instant execution with no-dealing-desk intervention, with client orders being immediately put through to our liquidity providers. There is no commission fee for trading, we apply a small mark-up to the spreads. You can find more information about the FxPro MT4 trading platform here.

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On our MT5 platform we offer market execution and provide our clients with full market depth information, tick chart trading and an integrated development environment for Expert Advisors. More information about the FxPro MT5 trading platform can be found here.

FxPro cTrader pools all available liquidity directly to the platform and sends orders straight through to the market. Clients receive market spreads without any mark-up and pay a commission fee of 45 USD per 1 million USD traded upon opening and closing a position. Clients always receive the best available bid and ask prices for the volume being traded, with orders being filled at VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price). More information about the FxPro cTrader platform can be found here.

Click here for the FxPro Platforms Comparison Table.

Are your platforms Mac-compatible?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any downloadable trading platforms that are Mac-compatible.
However, Mac users are able to use the web-based versions of both our FxPro MT4 and FxPro cTrader platforms, as well as mobile versions of all our platforms for iOS.

Does slippage occur on your platforms?

Slippage is part of trading and common in the forex market. It occurs at times of high volatility or low liquidity, as well as during major news announcements or during the release of important economic data.

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FxPro takes all necessary steps to protect traders against market volatility, and our clients benefit from a highly-advanced trade management system that mitigates the risk of negative slippage and guarantees execution at the best available price.

Do you allow the use of trading algorithms on your platforms?

Yes, algorithmic traders are welcome on all of our main trading platforms. Expert Advisors are fully compatible with our FxPro MT4 and FxPro MT5 platforms, and cAlgo trading bots can be used on our FxPro cTrader platform.

If you have any questions regarding Expert Advisors and cAlgo robots or if you need any assistance with using the FxPro Quant Strategy Builder, please email our Customer Support at

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