FxPro Leverage Information

You dont have any problem with Fxpro leverage as the broker provide high leverage but its better o trade with low leverage if you are new to forex trading. FxPro uses a dynamic forex leverage model on the MT4 and MT5 platforms, which automatically adapts to clients trading positions. As the volume per Instrument of a client increases, the maximum leverage offered decreases accordingly; as per the following table.

This is done per trading instrument, so if a client has positions open across multiple instruments, the leverage will be calculated separately on each forex symbol. For example, if a trader has 300 lots Buy on USDJPY, and then starts trading EURUSD, his/her margin requirement for EURUSD, will not be affected by the existing USDJPY positions.

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The sum of the positions is calculated in the following way. Consider a trader has 300 lots Buy and 200 Lots Sell. To calculate the required margin, one would take the side with the largest volume (sum). In this example, the side with the largest exposure is the 300 Buy, and as such, 300 would be the value used in calculating the required margin. Furthermore, a trader with 6 positions of 50 lots Buy (or Sell), and a trader of a single position of 300 lots Buy (or Sell), would require the same margin; given their accounts have identical leverage settings.

Open Lots Maximum Leverage
0-100 Max 1:500*
>100-200 Max 1:200*
>200-300 Max 1:100*
>300-500 Max 1:50*
500+ Max 1:33*

* or trader leverage, whichever is less

Please note, that if the account leverage is less than the value table provided, then the account leverage will be considered instead.

Example 1
Client Account Leverage – 1:100

Consider a USD account with 300 Buy lots USDJPY.
in this example, the account leverage is less than or equal to all relevant values in the Leverage Monitor table, so the margin required would be unaffected.

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