FxPro is actively involved with several registered charities, both local and international. Our goal is to make a difference to the lives and futures of children in need. This is why we actively support initiatives related to education, nutrition and quality of life. We want to be a catalyst for change, enabling children to thrive within their communities, because each and every child deserves the opportunity to explore their potential.

As a global company with a diverse, multi-ethnic workforce, the impact of our charitable work is far greater when we empower our employees to support and contribute to the charities of their choice. We work hard at building strong, lasting relationships between the company and the communities we work with. As a result, FxPro is now involved with a wide range of charities—in recent months, we have donated to UNICEF and the Red Cross; local and international hospitals/ care facilities and charitable fundraising events.

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Policy Statement

For us corporate social responsibility means operating in an ethical manner, minimising our environmental impact, treating our employees and partners well and playing our part as a responsible corporate entity.

Ethics and Business Conduct

FxPro ensures that work carried out for clients is conducted to the highest professional and ethical standards. The company acts in accordance with all existing legislation, regulations and codes of practice in the territories in which we operate.

FxPro has comprehensive policies covering the conduct of employees. There is a self-certification process under which all employees must signify that they have complied with the terms of the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. In addition, all employees must comply with the following policies: Conflicts of Interest, Related Party Transactions and Whistleblowing.

These policies reflect the most stringent applicable regulatory and legal requirements imposed on FxPro and are adopted globally across the Group.


Employees are encouraged to support and participate in community activities. By encouraging staff to work with the charities of their choice, rather than charities centrally chosen for the company as a whole, we believe that we can maximise the total charitable effort of our diverse workforce , as well as providing individual staff members with a greater sense of satisfaction.

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We are actively involved with several registered charities, both locally in countries where we have a presence, as well as internationally, where we are working to change the lives of children in need. We believe that all children and young people have a unique potential and they should have the support and opportunities they need to reach it. FxPro hopes to help children develop within their communities by supporting initiatives relating to education, food and better living conditions.


Our employees are at the heart of our success and we are committed to ensuring that all members of staff experience a working environment that is defined by fairness and respect.

FxPro’s Human Resource Policy at a glance
  • Rigorous non-discrimination and equal opportunities policies
  • Additional leave for junior staff for training purposes
  • A flexible working policy for employees with child/ adult care responsibilities
  • Extra support for members of staff studying for industry-relevant professional qualifications or memberships


At FxPro, we aim to minimise our carbon footprint by raising awareness and taking achievable steps to reduce energy output and waste within our offices. As a company, our environmental impact stems from the daily operation of our offices, use of office supplies and transportation.

Here are just a few of the initiatives we have introduced to counter our environmental impact:
  • Recycling and organic waste bins in kitchen areas
  • Recycling of mobile phones, computers (PC/ laptop), fluorescent lights and batteries
  • Use of energy efficient bulbs and timers/ sensors for office lights
  • Increasing the use of teleconferencing to reduce the need for travel

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