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FxPro Apps Download

FxPro Tools is an all-in-one application designed to provide you with real time market information on a variety of instruments including forex, shares, indices, futures and precious metals.

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Trader’s Dashboard

Our popular Trader’s Dashboard has been included in this latest version of FxPro Tools by popular demand. Now you can find out which currencies are moving most at any given time, as well as where other FxPro traders are positioned.

Economic Calendar

Stay up to date with all the most important economic announcements from around the world. Filter them by their importance, their relevance to your preferred instruments and ensure that you are always aware of the economic news affecting the instruments you trade.


Monitor the prices of all your most traded instruments in real time and set price alerts. Once an instrument reaches the price you have specified, you will receive an alert via push notifications.

Trading Calculators

Perform all your trading calculations from our FxPro Tools app. Take advantage of our currency converter, required margin, pip value, stop loss/take profit, swap and cTrader commission calculators.


Easily access all of our blog’s articles and daily market analysis directly from within our FxPro Tools app. Our London analysts will ensure that you are always up to date on the global events moving the markets.

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FxPro Tools for Apple Watch

Our popular FxPro Tools app is now available for your Apple Watch! Perfect for traders who want to keep track of their favourite instruments on the go, FxPro Tools and the Apple Watch are a match made in heaven. Add your preferred symbols to a portfolio and receive price alerts directly to your watch when the price reaches a level predefined by you. Try it out today.

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