Economic Forex Calendar

Take a look at all the important upcoming economic events with our online FX Calendar. Everything is automatically updated during live announcements, once the event data is released, to provide you with vital information that could affect your trading. Previous economic events and their effects on the market can also be viewed on the FX Calendar.

Easy to Use

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With the FX Calendar, you can see a breakdown of all the scheduled economic events due to take place on any given day. Click on an individual event to be presented with further information and links to more in-depth data about it. The information provided by the FX Calendar will help you make more informed trading decisions. Remaining time till upcoming events is shown, and events that have already taken place are denoted with a tick. The expected volatility of each event is presented on a scale of three, low to high, along with the actual, consensus and previous percentages.

Customisation and Mobile Apps

Our FX Calendar can be customised so only events that will affect your trading are displayed. The timezone can easily be changed, and the filter options enable you to sort events by country, category, and volatility. Our FX Calendar is also available for mobile devices, both iOS and Android, via the FxPro Tools App. Download the app today to ensure you stay up to date with the latest economic news.

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