Corporate Actions and Earnings Calendar

Margin requirements for shares, with an upcoming company earnings report and/or corporate and/or other action (collectively, the ‘corporate event’), may be increased 5 business days prior to the corporate event and may remain in effect after the corporate event at FxPro’s sole discretion.

Prior to entering into a trade, FxPro clients should view the specific symbol specifications (including but not limited to ‘margin requirements’) via the Market Watch on the MT4 Trading platform. Click here to see an example.

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During the affected period, new margin requirements will apply for all existing and new trades. FxPro clients remain fully responsible for monitoring both the required margin of their account(s) and free margin prior, during and after the affected period. As a result of the above, FxPro clients understand and accept that this may result in their account(s) incurring a margin call and/or stop out.

Note: The expected release dates of corporate events, such as company earnings reports, are subject to change without notice. Times/dates on the Earnings Calendar refer to GMT+2, unless indicated otherwise.

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