Autochartist is a technical analysis tool that specialises in providing detailed breakdowns to brokers and other financial institutions. With over ten years’ experience in the field, their proprietary pattern recognition technology identifies chart patterns and key levels across thousands of financial instruments 24 hours per day.

Autochartist allows you to filter trading opportunities by their probability of success. You can set a minimum probability between 60 – 80% and only receive signals that have been historically shown to have a probability of success in line with the percentage you have specified. You can also take advantage of Autochartist’s PowerStats and find out the expected price ranges of your chosen currency pairs down to the hour.

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Beyond these features Autochartist also integrates seamlessly with your MT4 platform, allowing you to identify potential trade opportunities and act on them immediately.

FxPro offers Autochartist to all our clients with a funded trading account free of charge*, as well as to Demo account holders with a delay of 5 candlesticks.*A minimum balance of 200USD must be maintained in the account at all times for this to apply.

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