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What currencies are available for my FxPro SuperTrader account?

FxPro SuperTrader accounts are currently available in the three following currencies: USD, EUR, and GBP.

How do I fund my SuperTrader account?

You can fund your SuperTrader account via your FxPro Vault, by transferring funds from the Vault to your account using the “Manage FxPro Vault” button in FxPro Direct ( if you are under CySEC, or if you are under FCA).

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How much can I transfer into my SuperTrader account?

You can transfer funds to your SuperTrader account at any time, without any limits to the amount you transfer.
There is, however, a minimum first-time deposit requirement of $10,000. The FxPro SuperTrader Credit Line enables you to deposit as little as $2,000 and use a credit multiplier of 4 to reach the necessary capital required.

What leverage is available for my SuperTrader account?

The maximum available leverage for SuperTrader accounts is fixed at 1:200.

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